Monday, September 28, 2009

The obligatory 'two old ruins' photo

Filitosa is the prehistoric capital of Corsica, with some of the best examples of statue-menhirs to be found anywhere in Europe.

No-one is quite certain of their purpose or significance but tremendous work and craftsmanship went into their creation. The site at Filitosa, even with tourists wandering around, has a peaceful quality about it.

Oh, and the olive tree in the background is 1200 years old and the oldest in France.


Leslie: said...

My goodness, g'friend! Have you lost too much weight? You're too thin!

(Now tell me, okay? LOLOLOL)

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Gorgeous photo of you Liz

Ole Phat Stu said...

Trust you to find the most phallic stone around! ;-)

Lia said...

I may never speak to you again after seeing that photo of you.

What's a 56 yr old woman doing looking that good while out in public?, shame on you.

Oh the jealousy!!!!! Green is not a good colour on me!

Much love,