Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should I be worried?

Husband was waiting for the postman this morning with eager anticipation.

'They're supposed to be sending me a dongle,' he said.

Okay ...

The dongle didn't arrive but what did come was a reminder that I'm due for a smear test. Oh joy.


MissKris said...

A dongle???? of the blessings of being 'lady land-less' is no more pap smears. Make that TWO more PERIODS!!!! Hip hip hooray.

NitWit1 said...

Yuck! - I had all the surgeries but just enough was left to require a paps smear, even at 73.

Later surgeries don't do this.

However, in US the smears are recommended every two years regardless of "left over equipment" because of vaginal cancer. Since I am afraid to buck the recommendation, I do it. If we adopt a different system, I'm not sure how that may go. The public debate is confusing as is the various legislative proposals and most of us don't have the patience to read 1100 pages of legalese.

Nevertheless, I'm happy to hear your NHS sends notices for preventive medicine. I would love to hear the success rate of treatment, should the dreaded word, cancer, be discovered.

James Higham said...

Oh, Liz. Oh. Oh.

Katney said...

I won't pass comment on the experience of the smear, the advisability of it, or the efficacy of the various health systems.

But even dictionary dot com doesn't know what a dongle is.

Anonymous said...

I know what a dongle is :0)

Its one of those words that sounds rude ;0)!

smear... I went for mine a while ago and to add insult to injury had to be weighed as well. Bleurgh!

Liz said...

Lucky you, kris!

In the letter, nitwit, it says that the test isn't looking for cancer but for pre-cancerous cells.

Is that oh, oh, for the dongle or the smear, james?!

If I ever find out I'll let you know, katney.

that's what i was afraid of, hippy mama!

Leslie: said...

WHAT is a "dongle?"

CherryPie said...

I dongle is much more fun than a smear ;-)

Furtheron said...

well he'll get no rest until his dongle arrives.

jay said...

Haha! The dongle, not the smear test. :P

It is a very strange, rude-sounding word, isn't it? LOL!

I read it as 'doggie' at first. I thought you were perhaps getting George a mail order bride.

Trubes said...

You still havn't told us what a dongle is Liz...We need to know ?
Is he a mature Boy Scout? Oh no that's a woggle isn't it?
I give up, whatever it is, I'm intrigued!
Just posted about Liverpool in the sixties, The Beatles etc, on my site.


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