Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nut free butter?!

Has butter ever been anything else?


Your EG Tour Guide said...

Well, live and learn! This is new to me too. LOL

Taffy A. Noyer said...

Because it's Welsh, they have to say there are no nuts? ;-)

Something about the exception proving the rule? ;-)

nick said...

I guess that's for the benefit of people with nut allergies so they know it's okay to eat. Some butters are in fact made from nuts. Nut allergies can be fatal in a few seconds so actually it's vital information.

What I like are those packets of tofu that say "meat-free". Well, er yes, not much meat in beans as a general rule....

James Higham said...

I like that cheese with berries and lots of other goodies.

Denise said...

Hmmmm........never knew butter had nuts in it!!!

Lia said...

ha ha ha!
That's like the bag of nuts I brought and on the back it said "Warning-may contain nuts"
much love,
Lia xx

jay said...

It's getting ridiculous. And it's only because everyone tries to make everything in one building and can't be bothered to clean the machinery properly between different foods.

I came across some cheese which apparently contained egg the other day, but I have to say the ice lollies that contained fish gelatine took the biscuit.

And those biscuits ... who knows what the heck they had in them?

I tell you, eating is becoming more and more like Russian roulette for those of us with serious allergies.

ChrisJ said...

Oh to have a hunk of good British home-baked bread, slathered with Welsh butter! I never eat bread over here.

Liz said...

Indeed, EG.

I think you could be the exception, stu!

I understand that, nick, but this says it's made from Welsh cream. It must be all those nutty cows!

Have you sampled the Snowdonia range of cheeses, james? They are my favs.

All these years, a secret ingredient, denise!

Well, you never can tell, lia!

And when you try to buy organic or simple food - like we had in the old days - it's much more expensive, jay.

Oh, yes, a fresh crust with fresh butter. yum yum, chris.

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