Monday, August 31, 2009

My bra squeaks

I wonder if a mouse is hiding in there. No, actually, there wouldn't be enough room for my boob and a mouse.

Charlie Brown - or it might have been Linus - said that shoes squeak when they're not paid for. But I know I paid Madame Fifi for my bra so that can't be the cause.


Lia said...

maybe you need to pay for new boobs, but on the other, I do believe that you were complimented on your boobs recently, so i guess it's not them.

Have you paid the credit card bill lol only it could be that. tee hee

much love'
Lia xx

Liz said...

Oh yes! I bet that's it, lia! The mattress is coming back to haunt me ...

nick said...

Easy. You just need some WD40.

Jay said...


WD40 .. did you know that was developed by the space programme? Hmm. Space .. bra ... space ...

Is the universe trying to tell you something? If so, I have no idea what, especially with a mouse involved! LOL!

Liz said...

I often think the universe is trying to communicate with me, jay ... but maybe it is just saying 'Use WD40', nick!

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