Monday, August 03, 2009

I forgot to mention

In the expensive kitchen shop I saw a cooker hood that was a large sloping reflective surface - a bit like the one in the photo - that meant the you could look up and see yourself. Which means you can pretend to be demonstrating recipes on television! Just like Jamie Oliver! I said, 'Oh, look, look at me. I'm a famous tv chef!'

Husband walked away quickly, grateful that it was Sunday afternoon and there weren't too many customers in the shop.

'Can I have one? Can I have one?'
'Not even if I look under my lashes like Nigella and promise you a bite of my puddings?'
Not even that promise was enough for him.


jay said...

I would hate that cooker hood! But then I'm no oil painting and I never watch cookery programmes. LOL!

Anyway, it'd soon steam up and you wouldn't be able to see a thing in it.

Well. It would in my house, anyway.

Liz said...

Or as Husband said, 'it would quickly get greasy and you wouldn't be able to see in it. And you wouldn't clean it.'

CherryPie said...

That sort of comment sounds very familiar to me ;-)

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