Thursday, July 30, 2009

Persecution postscript

Why do bad things happen?

Sometimes bad things happen to us because of bad choices we make e.g. using heroin leading to illness or prison. Sometimes bad things happen because of decisions made by others e.g. corporate greed over the welfare of people. And sometimes bad things just happen e.g. Husband having cancer. I suppose fundamental Christians would explain it by saying that when Eve disobeyed God and ate the apple, evil was let loose in the world.

But if God hadn't created us with free will and the ability to make choices, be they bad or good, we'd be no more than robots living in a Stepford world. It's just unfortunate that with free will comes selfishness and greed.

There are so many things I just don't know or understand; I will have loads of questions for God when I meet him.

On Sunday I was talking to someone I respect, someone who had made bad choices and was going one way when he 'encountered God', became a Christian and turned his life around. I was saying how amazing it had been that the sun had shone for the wedding in the field the previous day when on the days before and after it there had been torrential rain. My friend said, 'God cares about the little things. I was doing my garden the other day and I'd just finished when the rain started. I went in and said to my wife, "Isn't God wonderful not letting the rain begin until my work was done?"'
'But,' I said, 'what about the man down the road who had only just started on his gardening?'
'Well, he should have started earlier when I did!'

Like many people who've made a dramatic change in their lives - smoker to non-smoker, steak-eater to vegetarian - he is full of fervour for the cause and everything is black and white. I have a lot of problems with some Christians.


Anonymous said...

I have problems with some Christians too! ;0) The way I see it is that the bible is a rule book, crowd control if you like and what better way to control a crowd than to put the fear of god into them ;0).

Gledwood said...

that post is classic Liz!

Ellee Seymour said...

Yes, there is always hope.

Furtheron said...

Excellent post Liz

One of the reasons I avoid organised religion in general I'm afraid.

Oh yes and... when I meet God I'd like to ask her... ;-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

I feel that things happen to us for a reason...lessons to be it something as small as inadvertently kicking one's toe against something when in a tearing hurry, to the more serious and tragic such as serious illness.

I worked in a cancer clinic years ago and a lot of the patients were terminal. They had the most wonderful attitude and outlook on life and their illness. It taught me a lot...

MissKris said...

Well, almost 33 years of my life have been dedicated to being a Christian, out of 55. I come from many years of satanism involvement prior to that. I must say I prefer this life to that one. I have people tell me often that I should write my life story because I've had so many incredible experiences, going from one end of the realm to the other one. I wouldn't say I live with the 'fervor' and 'zeal' and plain nuttiness so many Christians are tagged with. But I do have a deep and abiding faith in God, letting Him take care of the big and the little details of my life. So far I haven't been disappointed.

James Higham said...

You're rational, Liz. You don't carry the baggage which even some of our own blogfriends do and therefore can see things more clearly.

Many can't and that's always going to be so.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Why do bad things happen?

Because God created Murphy ;-)

Who, incidentally is a Catholic, with all that THAT implies ;-)

CherryPie said...

Very beautiful Liz :-)

jay said...

Me too. Many are very naive (like your gardener) and many are very black and white, and many are just plain unChristian in their lack of tolerance and forgiveness. But there you go. Free will = imperfect people, I guess!

ChrisJ said...

If you have a lot of problems with some Christians, imagine the problems God must have with them :)

He knows how weak we are, but loves us just the same.

Rose said...

Another thoughtful post, Liz. I have trouble, too, with those who see everything as black and white. If you follow this man's logic, then what about some of my Christian blogging friends in Texas who are desperately in need of rain? Does that mean they have done something terribly wrong? I think not.

NitWit1 said...

When we take care of our own messes, we don't have as much time to judge others messes. I more messes than I can clean up in a lifetime. I keep working and God keeps giving me that wonderful gift, Grace.

Liz said...

But not with me I hope, hippy mama!

THanks, gledwood and ellee.

Hmm, we'll see who's right when we get to heaven, shall we, furtheron?

Some of us are very slow to learn our lessons too, puss.

That's wonderful, kris.

THank you, james.

Stu, what?!

Thanks, cherrypie.

and none more imperfect than I, jay.

Isn't that incredible, chrisj?

SWansea had an open-air joint churches meeting last sunday and it poured down, rose; so I guess God doesn't like his people geting together either!! I hope Texas has some rain soon. It's all over here!

Grace is an incredible gift, nitwit.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Nice post. Well, they're all nice, really! I can just imagine you giving God the third degree - but not for many years yet!

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