Sunday, December 28, 2008

It could have been so different

The Ospreys beat the Scarlets 20 - 6 yesterday evening in a packed (20,500 spectators) Liberty Stadium and I feel I really must take some of the credit.

Yesterday morning when dressing I was about to put on my red knickers when it struck me: 'Oh no! I can't wear red. I don't want to give the Scarlets any help.' I wore my black knickers and the result speaks for itself.

Husband did the videoing (not of my knickers). He took the camera off me saying, 'You get far too excited; you'll miss all the action.'

We were sitting right behind the posts so had a perfect view of Mike Phillips gliding easily over the line to touch down for the first Ospreys try. When I'd stopped jumping up and down I said to Husband, 'Did you get that?'



'I was too busy watching.'



Katney said...

I thought we spoke the same language.

But you speak rugby and I don't even speak football (neither the football we call soccer nor the American kind.)

When a new student recently moved from the UK joined my class a few years ago, we started an English-English dictionary chart. It was fun to see differences in words we use differently.

And I learned what knickers are.

Hullaballoo said...

So it was about knickers after all LOL. I get it now!

Gary said...

I too have a "lucky" pair of knickers! Sadly the wife no longer wears them!

What is "Rugby?"!!!

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