Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm foompled!

Just saw a word verifier: foompled. I love it. Any suggestions for what it could mean?

I shall make it my New Year resolution to see foompled included in the next edition of the OED.

To foomple.

To be foompled.


'George, do stop foompling!'


jams o donnell said...

Stop froompling you'll go blind... It means staring directly at the sun I believe!

Working mum said...

Thanks for popping in to mine! You do know that you've now given 'froompled' provenance and can get it in the dictionary. Get on to ' Balderdash and Piffle' at once! Go froomple your finding!

CherryPie said...

I think it means confused...

Siani said...

I Googled 'foomple'. Here's one of the results I got:

Suburbia said...

I knew I felt a bit something and that is just the word for it!

Froompled, I must use it more often!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

A foompliser...someone who foomples.

MissKris said...

I've always loved nonsensical-sounding words. One of my favorites is 'gobsmacked' which I know is popular in the UK but not well known on this side of the pond. I just love words, period.

Rose said...

I think I spend a lot of time foompling, although I'm not sure what it is:)

Word verifier must be in a silly mood tonight; I've seen some strange ones today, although I recognized "butch" over at Suburbia's:)

jmb said...

It seems the word verification is actually looking more like words these days. At Welshcakes I got one that was positively Italian but I did not recognize it.

Hullaballoo said...

I am trying to keep calm, but the boys keep foompling each other around the head with stuff.

foomple, great word. wonderful word. It goes well with:


and erm


Foomple away Liz, the world needs more foompling.


Aileni said...

You see, it means misspelt.

Eunoia said...

Etymology 101 :-

Foomple: scottish pronounciation
of the english word 'fumble'. Thus an adjective describing the way the welsh play rugby ;-)
The syllable 'foo', sometimes transliterated as 'fu' , is the chinese word for 'happiness' (true)

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