Wednesday, October 01, 2008

That reminds me

Leslie's comment on an earlier post reminded me of something else I wanted to say.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is one of the most expensive places to stay in the Canadian Rockies. It was built originally in 1890 and has undergone a number of changes since then. It might be wonderfully luxurious and impressive inside but I'm sorry but I think it's ugly and hideously out of place in such a beautiful mountain setting at the side of a gorgeous lake. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

It looks like something by Ceasescu...

Dragonstar said...

That's a big hotel, and does have an expensive look, but it has the appearance of being related to a high concrete dam. No, I don't like it.

jmb said...

Well I have always thought it a rather impressive place to stay (not that I ever have stayed there) since they carted all the building materials in by train.

Liz said...

Who, mutley?!

Husband thought it was all right but it just seemed out of place to me, dragonstar and jmb.

leslie said...

We stayed at Deer Lodge, an old rustic type place. However, although we had a sink in the room, we had to trudge down the hall to the toilet and bath. Not my cuppa tea. I'd druther stay at the Fairmont with all its luxury. Sort of like the Fairmont at Whistler where you have gorgeous views of the mountains, but can stay warm and cosy in their lovely lounge while sipping on a nice hot cocoa.

Liz said...

We stayed at deer lodge too, leslie, but we did have an en-suite.

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