Wednesday, October 08, 2008

That does it!

I'd just made my regular early-morning dash to retrieve George who thinks roads are there for his convenience when I said, 'That's it! You are going to be locked in! For ever!'

I asked Younger Son to build barricades for the two entrances to the back yard. Now George can go out there if he wants to wee or lie in the sun but he's not allowed in the garden proper unless someone is with him. All the time.
George is not impressed. I said, 'It's your own fault.'
He muttered something under his breath.
I said, 'If you can't be trusted you have to stay in the back yard.'
'Back yard? Prison yard, more like.'


Anonymous said...

Is it toddler proof? ;0)

Amanda -who still has children awake and really can't be bothered to sign in... *rolls eyes* And they were up at 7am... and if anyone tells me that they don't sleep because they are bright I'll do something very un-mummy like......

Liz said...

If it's George-proof (so far so good) it's toddler-proof!

Poor you!

Anonymous said...

one is still awake and I'll be up again at 3ish, 5ish and 7ish!!! Thinkinng calming thoughts.. my children are very bright thats why they don't sleep... 11.44 pm!!!!!!

Neva said...

I love my electric fence just for this reason....Clancy stays in the yard with it.....thank heavens....

Furtheron said...

I'm starting the Free George campaign immediately... :-)

leslie said...

I was just going to suggest an electric fence or those invisible electronic fence thingies. But even if someone is with him, he seems to move very quickly - he's one smart doggie.

DeeJay said...

Ahhhh poor George. I'll give you less than a week to relent!

Dragonstar said...

Ahh, poor Georgie!!!

About time Liz - chasing a dog in your nightie can't be fun in bad weather.

Liz said...

Hippy mama, rather you than me!

You realy have an electric fence, neva? We've joked about getting one ...

Do you want me to send you some more cute puppy pictures for your daughter, furtheron?!

And determined. leslie.

Deejay, well, we're away this weekend so it'll be the weekend after before Husband can do anything about the bit of fence that George is using so we'll see.

Liz said...

Oh, we must have posted at the same time, dragonstar. No, it was getting a bit of a bore!

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