Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tell me if I get boring

We should have told George before we went that dogs left in kennels are supposed to pine after their owners, not eat and lose weight; he has come back with a georgy-porgy tummy.

Not that he's the only one. Oh, yes, before I forget, I must say that I am impressed with the tea shops in Canada. It's easier to get a proper cup of tea over there than it is here. At Lake Louise we walked up the mountain to Lake Agnes and the tea shop, and it really was a tea shop with umpteen different varieties of tea.
In the photo above is Lake Louise and you can just about see a bit of the glacier at the far end. The first person who named it called it Emerald Lake. The name was later changed in honour of Queen Victoria's daughter, but you can see from the second photo, taken part of the way up the hill, why it was given the first name. (Although I think that's more turquoise than emerald.)
From further up again, here's the neighbouring mountain as the clouds started to break up.


Anonymous said...

It is going to be hard for us stay-at-homes to respond to these wondrous sights. It will have be Ooo and Ahh and Wow.
I suppose ***** might be a way of scoring...
I jest - and can tell you enjoyed.

Rose said...

Nope, you're not getting boring...Beautiful photos; living in the flat lands where I do, I am always in awe of majestic mountains.

leslie said...

You are certainly NOT getting boring. Even we Canadians never get tired of our views! And I'm so happy you were impressed with Lake Louise. It's a beautiful location that I'd like to see again and again. And stay at the Fairmont Chateau there, too.

Suburbia said...

Those are amazing photos!

Dragonstar said...

What incredible views!
Ahhh! George must look sweet with a round tummy.

CherryPie said...

That last picture is awesome :-)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if by any chance you had any photoes of Canada?

jmb said...

A lovely spot to be sure and we have done the hike up to the teahouse but a while ago.
The colour of the lake is of course distinctive to glacial lakes.

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