Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ssh, don't tell anyone!

This is my piece of Canadian driftwood.Driving over the border from BC we were greeted by sign after sign saying 'Don't ...' whatever. I decided Alberta was a much bossier province than BC. One of the signs said not to bring wood with bark into Alberta. (They didn't say if barking dogs were allowed or not.) But this piece of driftwood comes from Alberta and doesn't have bark; also from the time it left Alberta till we got home to Wales, it was in my suitcase. (Yes, I brought a bit of wood home in my luggage.) So I think I'm all right but I may well be in breach of international law so don't tell anyone!

Canada is the country for driftwood. A few years ago I saw a programme about a woman who lived in a remote cabin with her husband and dog and she was running a successful business exporting large pieces of driftwood to rich people all over the world to use as garden sculptures. Her main job was finding and choosing the driftwood. That is so my idea of heaven. (Tsk, I blame Friends and other American imports for the 'so' affectation.)
A sunny day on the headland just outside Victoria.

And a misty day on Long Beach, Victoria Island.

I have soooooo many photos of Canada to show you!!!



Lindsay said...

George will get it!

Anonymous said...

oh thats *so* my idea of heaven too :0)

Katney said...

Is the driftwood from Alberta? I would have thought BC.

There are a number of threats to timber in the Pacific Northwest (in Canada is that the Pacific Southwest?) which Alberta could be being cautious of introducing to its own forests. Did you go to Calgary or Edmonton? I'm sure if I am patient I will find out.

Liz said...

He's already tried, lindsay! I have put it well out of his reach.

Indeed, hippy mama.

No, katney, it was from a lake in Alberta. The sign said they were worried about some particular disease or bug in the bark. We flew back to vancouver from calgary but we drove straight there from banff.

Jeanne said...

I live on the coast of BC, and we were camping by the ocean recently - there was SO much driftwood & logs on our part of the beach that you had to get up at the crack of dawn for low tide just to see any sand. My poor Auntie tripped on some of the wood and hurt her wrist, so thank you for taking a piece away ;-) LOL

leslie said...

Oh my goodness! You found a really nice piece - take care of it and don't let George get at it. lol

Next time you come (!!!) I'll take you to "my" beach so you can see lots more driftwood - it comes in on the tides and some of the good big pieces are arranged on the sand so people can lean against them while they enjoy the views.

CherryPie said...

It all looks so lovely :-)

Dragonstar said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! I won't tell anyone if you don't.

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