Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Going back to school

In Autumn 2004 Younger Son set off for his first term at Portsmouth university; eighteen months later, unhappy with both the course and the place, he dropped out. I was quite relieved as his health - both physical and mental - appeared to be suffering. For 9 months he was unemployed then he found a boring office job that he stayed with for a year. The company he was working for was looking to be heading towards bankruptcy and he had what seemed a good opportunity of a different job. He took redundancy and the other job came to nothing. Since then he's been moping around the house not getting replies to his many job applications.

A few months ago he told us he'd decided he'd like to go back to university, but this time to the newly-created Swansea Metropolitan University (the old Swansea Institute) to study Environmental Conservation. We were delighted. He's also trying to turn his life around in other ways.

He's now in his second week and so far so good ...

He has a job interview at the weekend for a job as part-time barman at Loughor Workingmen's Club. If you're a pray-er, please put in a prayer for him!


Suburbia said...

I'm not a pray-er but I have everything crossed for him.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Don't let anyone tell you we mothers worry less about our children the older they get! Here's hoping and praying for his success.

Dragonstar said...

Every possible good wish and positive thought heading in your direction - for all of you!

Anonymous said...

I have got a part time second job as a bar man...

Anonymous said...

sending good vibes :0)

Anonymous said...

Yes, good fortune with that. It is the sort of thing I might have done after working for the Glamorgan Naturalists - though I bet it is a hotbed of Goreite dogma.
Where is the MetUni -are they using the old Teacher Training College ?

Liz said...

Thanks all.

I bet you pull a good pint, mutley.

Aileni, he's based in the Mount pleasant campus. Strangely enough I asked him about attitudes to global warming last night over dinner. He said that the tutors all had their own ideas but that everything would be put before the students and they could make up their own minds. Sounds good in principle.

leslie said...

Praying for things to go well for your son, Liz.

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