Thursday, October 02, 2008


Thank you to all who visited me when I wasn't here and also since I've been back. I'm sorry that I haven't been round visiting much this week: I'm trying to empty my brain first! But I've started working through my blogroll this evening and I'll continue until I've completed it. But it may take a few days.

We have a busy weekend ahead. My uncle has a 'weekend' every year. He's a patron of Dunvant Male Voice Choir and always invites friends and family from all over the country to come to their annual patrons' concert. We don't usually go but this year Sir Willard White is appearing with them so we're going tomorrow. Then on Saturday evening it's out for a meal with my uncle and his guests followed by a Sunday lunch party at his home. For an 82-year-old, he knows how to enjoy life. We can't keep up with him.

And that's not to mention the ironing and cleaning that still needs catch-up. And my new hoover that I have to buy!


leslie said...

No matter how much fun it is to go on holidays, it's always good to be home and back to "normal," whatever that is.

I like how you UKers use the expression "go out for a meal" instead of "go out for lunch/dinner" like we do. I noticed that with my friends Marion and Jane. Just different, that's all. Maybe I should make up a list of our different expressions and do a post on it. And Aussies, too, as we all have our own way of using the English language. :D

Rinkly Rimes said...

I'm so happy for your 82 year old relation who's still enjoying life. I'm 77 and it's 'so far so good'! As for singing in a Welsh Choir ..... well, that must rejuvenate the singers AND the listeners. Give him my regards. (Just think, once I was 17 and he was 22! Big sigh. Why didn't we meet?)

Dragonstar said...

So you have a busy and enjoyable weekend ahead of you. Have a great time!

Rose said...

The last time I went to Europe, it took me three days to catch up on sleep! I think we all understand your not being able to get around for awhile. Love all the photos; looks like you were having a great time--you weren't hitchhiking were you?? And I'm so glad you weren't eaten by a bear or cougar:)

I thought George wouldn't be able to get under or over the fence anymore...well, there goes that theory!

Anonymous said...

Ah I miss the singing of Wales.

It is always good to get home even if there is so much to do. I do'nt suppose anyone minds re the blogreading. I often go weeks without reading blogs - life must always come first.

Suburbia said...

It'll take you weeks!! So just take it easy or you'll need another holiday!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Well, sounds like your holiday feeling is well and truly over, Liz. Bugger! Your uncle sounds a bit of a goer...good for him. I hope I'm like that if and when I reach that age.

James Higham said...

Very difficult right now for anyone to visit anyone.

Anonymous said...


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