Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You wanted more?


Well, okay then,we have over 1,000 photos and 15 hours of video. Would you like to come round for a Canada evening? No?

Now I could be really boring but I'll just filter in photos and a few relevant posts along the way as appropriate. But just a few general comments to start us off.

The weather was wonderful. Apart from one tiny shower in Whistler that stopped before we got out of the car we didn't have any rain.

The people were friendly and polite - apart from one girl in a Wells Grey coffee house (more about that same coffee house to come!)

The food everywhere was great, apart from a mouldy blueberry in a Vancouver fast food place.

And we saw, in the wild, seals, whales, black bears, dolphins, sea otters, sea lions, elk, deer, a moose, a coyote, bald eagles, chipmunks and, in captivity, wolves and grizzlies.

We walked on a glacier and bathed in natural hot springs under a cold night sky.

And we saw one or two mountains.


Dragonstar said...

A wonderful time then. You will show us pictures, won't you? Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

We've missed you - welcome home... even if is an anti-climax.
You will go on getting 'holiday visions' for a year.

leslie said...

Have everything all ready for a "Canada Evening" next summer - I love looking at people's holiday photos, and especially would love to see yours from my home!

CherryPie said...

Sounds wonderful :-)

jmb said...

I'll be round whenever you say Liz. It should be fun organizing all that lot.