Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So those welshcakes I was going to make.

I didn't have enough fruit.

Not to panic, I adapted the recipe to become teisen lap (cake on a plate) - sort of. Only I didn't quite do it properly. It looked all right but I thought I should taste it to check and I wasn't very impressed. (Although impressed enough to have eaten a quarter of it by this morning.)

Paying a late-night visit to the shop after Zac's, I picked up all the ingredients to make fruit cake, chocolate raisin slice, lemon cake and chocolate sponge - just in case.

Chocolate cake seems to be the most popular choice at the community cafe so I hoped to make one of those. I say hoped because the last one I made was a disaster. Admittedly that was about 20 years ago but I remember these things.

Getting up early this morning I made the chocolate sponge and while it wasn't amazing, it was adequate.

And just to be on the safe side, while that was cooking I made some chocolate raisin slice, which only requires melting, bashing and mixing and I can do all of those.



jmb said...

Nothing wrong with the cake that a big scoop of ice cream wouldn't fix. No cake on my diet at the moment.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Both cakes look wonderful to me! We could have a "bashers' club", Liz! - I'll bash the olives and you can bash the cake ingredients. [I add the explanation just in case anyone gets the wrong idea!]

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I'll eat'em, with or without ice cream.

Winston said...

The welshcake looks heavy and dense and moist -- and consequently, wonderful... Send me some...

chux said...

yer dont bother with that fruit fruit melarky - choccy all the way!!!

Chocolate cake is my favourite - yum

Amanda said...

they look good enough to eat!!

Liz said...

How can I stick to a diet when my cooking keeps going wrong, jmb?!

We'd be good bashers, welshcakes!

Ice cream with the choc cake but not with teisen lap, I think, nick.

If I could I would, winston!

Chux, it's strange that although I love chocolate, I'm not a fan of choc cake.

And I am, Amanda, I am ... (eating them that is, not good enough to eat!)

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