Saturday, January 13, 2007

You heard it here last

David Beckham is to be paid $50,000,000 a year to play football in America.

I read this on the front of a newspaper when I was in Sainsburys last night. When I reported it, in a suitably shocked and dramatic manner, to Husband he said, 'It's been all over the news for the last two days; where have you been?'

I don't blame Beckham (I've got a soft spot for him), but it is ridiculous. When you think what a small charity could do with one week's pay ...

Who can need so much money? Who could use it? There must come a time when you can't spend any more.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Yesterday when I was in work Younger Son MSN-ed me. 'The men are here doing the windows.'
'Cleaning them?'
'No, doing them.'

Back in the summer we got Wayne the Windows to come and measure up. Some of our replacement windows needed replacing as the seal had gone and moisture was getting in, and our kitchen and small bedroom windows hadn't been done originally, and now the wood was rotten.

I was pleased they were finally doing them but I wished they'd warned me. 'Where are they now?' I asked Younger Son.
'Your bedroom.'
'Oh dear. Did you notice: was there 'anything' on the floor?'
'Didn't notice.'

There was only a bra. Not too bad. At least it wasn't dirty knickers. Even the phrase is embarrassing.

It was only this morning when I realised that they'd done the window in the spare bedroom as well. The bedroom that houses the dirty clothes basket - that I'd emptied and sorted into piles and left all over the floor. 'Twill teach me not to be a slut. (Except it won't.)

* * * * * * * * * * *

We have told YS that we will lend him money to buy a car (so that he won't have to drive my Betty to work). Husband and YS are now engaged in a disagreement over what car to look for. Husband has suggested a Corsa as it's reasonably priced and practical for what he needs; YS says it's a girly gay car and he doesn't want to be seen driving one. I will let you know what is resolved.


GatorUnit said...

It is a girl car!

Shirley said...

It's a girl car! Sorry!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Liz. Agree with you re Beckham. It's a ridiculous sum and why doesn't he do something for the needy with some of it?
"Wayne the windows" - that reminds me of Wales!
Sympathise re needing a warning about the workmen. My dread is my knickers blowing off the balcony line, which has happened a couple of times. Of course, they've been clean then, but it's still undignified! Don't know anything about types of car so won't comment on that.

Clare said...

its what my mum drives...

Stu Savory said...

Beckham is going to live in the USA. Beckhams Shirt bears the number 23. R.A.Wilson just died. Coincidence?

Lee said...

I've got a bit of a 'soft spot' for David Beckham, too. I think underneath all the hype over him, he is a nice kind of a young man. His talent has served him well. He probably does do a lot for charity...a lot we never hear about...I would hope he looks favourably upon 'The Lee Charity'! ;)

I can't comment on the car as I've not heard of that make before.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I just can't wrap my brain around this whole David Beckham thing. Something is very wrong about paying someone that kind of money....I don't care how wonderful he is. It just doesn't set right with me with all the poverty and starving people everywhere. It's nothing new...we've been paying many,many of our sports figures outrageous amounts for years. This just stands out as REALLY outrageous. It's gotten WAY out of control.

james higham said...

My goodness, Liz - a dirty clothes basket! That's beyond the pale! Happy Old New Year from me!

Pete said...

David Beckham appears to be a very nice young man, probably one who is driven by a wife who loves to be in the limelight, but the phenominal amount being paid to play in USA is obscene. Granted, a footballer's life is a relatively short one, but no-one has the right to earn that much cash.

Re the Corsa, I don't blame YS for not wanting one. It's way too girlie for him. I would recommend a Japanese/Korean model. Their engineering is second to none and can't be beaten for reliability.

My Heart Runneth Over said...

It's so exciting! Living in America "Football" / "Soccer" hasn't taken off. Sure we have a team and all but not like in Europe. My father being Italian my brother and I ...more my brother at first... found a European passion for it. I say at first because I hadn't glimpsed some of the hottest sports figures ever! So now I have a love for it as well. Back to Beckham... how exciting.. more tickets sold than ever before just for people to get a glimpse! I myself can't wait! It is a ridiculous sum but he might be the one to change the wy American's think about "FOOTBALL?SOCCER" and personally I can't wait! ~M

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