Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What kind of feminist am I?

You are a Housewife feminist. On the surface you resemble a 50's housewife but underneath beats the heart of a true feminist.

AMENDED Take the Feminism test here

I think that should work now!


Puss-in-Boots said...

Not a burn-the-bra feminist. I'm forty years past those days, lol! I'm more a "do my own thing" feminist, probably because I don't have a MOTH and can do my own thing!

Ian Grey said...

I couldn't see the feminist test but I'm No Direction Home
60% Folky, 84% Lyrics, 100% Rock, 76% Bobby
on the Bob Dylan test...

MaryB said...

Can't find it, Liz. The link just brought up XXX quizzes for me. (Is that the housewife test? Whatever the link takes you to??) ;-)

Stu Savory said...

As a (mere) male, I scored(sic!) as follows :-

You scored 50% Gender-Abolitionist, 100% Sexually Liberal, and 40 % Socialist
You are the Liberal Feminist. This means that you tend to think the women's movement would best succeed through legislative changes to the system as opposed to radically restructuring our governments or ideas on gender. You tend to be mainly concerned with sexual liberation, and think that much of the oppression of women is leveled against them as a result of oppressive sexual morality. Men who sleep around are pimps and women are whores. You would claim that the negativity associated with a female's sexual freedom is only a blatant attempt to repress femininity into a submissive role. Also, you probably believe women should have access to reproductive controls such as abortion and contraception. You most likely embody the ideals of the typical American Democrat: you are pro-choice, sexually liberated, and politically active (though your political views aren't very extreme).

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