Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My theory ©

It's been on the news again today about global warming and cutting down our carbon dioxide emissions. However it's not only CO2 that is to blame. There are other gases involved, the major one being methane.

The reasons for the increase in CO2 are well-documented; however I believe a significant factor affecting global warming has been ignored.

Consider, if you will, what a majority of women (and a number of men) in this country - and probably the Western world - are doing at this very moment: dieting.

With the exception of Atkins, diets urge you to eat more fruit and veg; indeed, the government tells us to eat at least 5 portions a day. And everyone knows what fibre does in the digestive system: it creates methane. This in turn has to be released - or escapes. QED

Dieters, for the sake of the environment, nay, of our world, eat more chocolate!

P.S. Curiously enough the Lib Dems are thinking along these lines but more from inside the box. Last week their Environment Spokesman called on farmers to change the diet of their cattle to reduce the amount of methane they produce. Dieters, remember, you heard it here first.

P.P.S Kangaroos don't produce methane.


Victor Allen Winters said...

Delurking for the moment - then relurking - since GW (global warming not bush - although...) is one of my pet peeves. The greenhouse effect is predominately cause by water vapor. It was a good post in any case.

Anna said...

I am fully signed-up to your theory. Who do I make out the cheque to? Creme eggs don't make methane, right?

Stu Savory said...

Methane? Youthane? We're all thanes (þeg(e)n) together. It's the Anglo-Saxon in us ;-)

Lee said...

I think we'll have to declare a ban on all baked beans, cabbages and hard-boiled eggs, too...and soon we'll have the global-warming epidemic under control!

I ain't 'thane'...don't you tell me I'm 'thane'! I run past mirrors!

Shirl said...

I have found a remedy in Holland & Barrett. Their peppermint oil tablets are like the strongest extra strong mint you've ever eaten but you swallow them whole with a glass of water after meals. After just three days of this regime, and more attention to the contents of each meal, my tummy still blows up like a balloon and the wind still has to go somewhere but it DOES come out! No more chronic discomfort but no answer to the methane problem either.

Husband has little sense of smell.

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