Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm so glad I'm not an Emperor Penguin

We were in the gym yesterday afternoon; Husband has said he will not go with me again.

On the treadmill I was plugged into the game between Scotland and Australia, and you know what it's like when you have headphones on: you forget there is another world outside your head. I knew I squeaked a few times, either with excitement or disbelief, but I didn't realise I was talking to myself - out loud - as well.

Husband wasn't close enough to hear what I was saying, which is a shame as I would have been interested.

I won't talk any more about rugby except to say that it's more important for Wales to peak next autumn, when the World Cup is on. That's what really counts, not friendly internationals where the score isn't important.

I can say that now some time has elapsed. Last night I was supposed to be cooking a Cambodian noodle dish but English husband and I were both in need of comfort food so we had bread and cheese instead.

Still on a sporting theme though, head-teachers in Swansea have axed inter-school sports matches. There is a fear that parents who volunteer to drive children to matches may not have the necessary insurance, or they may have criminal records. I am speechless.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I bought some glasses yesterday. Off the peg glasses from a supermarket. I am a bit concerned about it. Should you buy glasses from anyone other than a qualified opto-whatever-it-is? Do you risk damaging your eyesight?

Or is it like when you took the children to have their feet measured for shoes? A clever electronic device says your child is size 2C; size 2C shoes don't fit. 'Try 1E; they might be better,' the assistant says.

But these glasses are only for the toilet; I don't think Garfield and Snoopy will do much harm to my eyes.

P.S. I haven't forgotten that I've been tagged and will respond soon!


Joy Des Jardins said...

I've got several pair of glasses from the store too Liz. I bought them for reading to keep in different places in the house. I think I've actually gotten a couple of different strengths too...which probably isn't the best thing to do; but I don't think these glasses can really do much damage to your eyes. Don't quote me on that though. I know a lot of people are buying them at stores these days. I have a prescription pair too....which cost me a whole lot more $$. I just know it's handier to have several pairs around.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'm gobsmacked at the
Swansea schools decision! Whatever next?
As for glasses, I should think if you feel comfortable in them they are OK. I like to have several pairs around as I am always losing them and the trouble with that is, I can't then see to find them!

Steve said...

But these glasses are only for the toilet. Liz I find this funny. Not making fun of you, but it is a good line.

Anna said...

Did you notice that you started the post saying 'I'm glad I'm not an Emperor Penguin' and never continued the story?!

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