Monday, November 06, 2006

But is it successful?

When the boys were younger, they played for a time for the church football team that husband managed.

They were a rag, tag and bobtail mix of church lads and boys from the estate who would turn up (or not) for matches as they remembered/felt like. We rarely had anything like a complete team.

With all the practice they had, they were very good losers. But terrible winners.

Some people just aren't meant for success.


Clare said...

but, if they enjoyed themselves and weren't out causing chaos in the streets, then they were successful. There's a little boy at rowing who is, more often than not, up to his waist in the river because he's fallen in. He comes back week after week, and his mum says he's much better for it - it releases his pent up aggression and energy (the rowing, not the falling in). He might not win anything at the moment, but at least he's not hanging around on street corners shouting at passers-by!

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