Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hero or villain?

Reading Jodie's blog reminds me that we have been invited to a fancy dress party. The theme is Heroes and Villains and couples are asked to come as one of each.

My best idea so far is for us to go as the Red Baron and Snoopy. Anyone know where I can get hold of a Snoopy outfit?

Or perhaps I could go as Harold Bishop and be hero and villain all in one.

I am not a natural fancy dresser. My pirate outfit was described as too slap-my-thigh-ish and not scoundrelish enough. Which is okay as I was aiming for the Margaret Lockwood thirties-film-star pirate look.

This is not getting the dishes done. But I will just have a quick look on the net to see if I can locate a Snoopy costume.