Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Who do you want to be?

Last night Monty led bible study in Zac's in part on the theme of hypocrisy. It was an excellent study and he suggested that God wants us to be transparent, the same person whoever we're with, people of integrity. (As much for our sake: it's hard work wearing different masks.)

Monty asked the question, 'Who does God want you to be? Who do you want to be?'
I thought straightaway of this old saying:

Then I thought, 'Actually, no. My dog doesn't have any illusions about me.'

As far as George is concerned I'm only nice if I'm feeding or tickling him. His attitude could be described as feline.

So instead I aspire to be as good a person as some people think I am. (No, really, some people think I'm good.)

* * * * * * * 

We go on holiday tomorrow so this'll be my last blog for a week or so. Burglars please note that the house is not unattended: Younger Son and Nuora have moved in to look after George.

Yesterday I told GrandSon2 that we were going on holiday in an aeroplane.
'A real aeroplane?' he asked.
'Are you going in a Red Arrow?'

I sort of hope not. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mouse or Supermouse

The mice in the attic enjoy our poison so much they've eaten their way into the tub.
And, yes, we have tried the humane method.

If you see this woman

If I looked like this today, with the country on terrorist alert, I doubt they would let me back in.
That was my passport from 1973, for my first trip abroad, which happened to be to Mombasa in Kenya.
We went on an oceanography field trip, stayed in college dorms, spent mornings on the beach, ate lunch in posh hotels, and generally enjoyed ourselves. Our professor got his feet sunburned the first day there and spent several days in bed; our lecturer and his girlfriend (one of us students) smoked weed, while the most adventurous thing I did was to dance in a nightclub - I'd always been so shy I'd refused to dance in public before. Brown Sugar will forever have a special place in my heart.

And what did I learn? That if sand squeaks when you walk on it it means it has a high percentage of quartz. Worth going.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Aping an accent

I have a terrible habit - and one that seems to happen unconsciously - of copying a person's accent. 

So if I'm talking to a Yorkshireman I'll adopt the northern accent, if I'm talking to someone camp I'll get very theatrical, and if I'm talking to a Pakistani I sound like Peter Sellers.
Oh yes I forgot to mention that I copy the accent badly.

When I realise I'm doing it I make an effort to stop but I fear I could offend a whole load of people before that. So if I've done it to you please refriend me! I'm sure it must be some subconscious urge to make the other person feel comfortable. That's what I tell myself anyway.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

I'm not a knit!

This is the most intricate thing I ever knitted.
In fact it's probably the only thing I ever finished.

I made it when expecting last-born and then when he arrived decided it was too pretty for a boy so didn't use it. By the time my children had babies they no longer wore matinee jackets so it's never been worn.

But I can't get rid of it. It's evidence that once - just once - I knitted something.

P.S. I've added 'knitting' as a label. Now that's something that you won't often find on my blog.

Bringing out the monkey in me

Lovely walk yesterday afternoon with Younger Son, Nuora and GrandSon4 down through Crawley Woods to Nicholaston Burrows and on to the beach.

Coming back through the woods Younger Son attempted to help me brush up on my tree identification.
And then I climbed one.*

*Someone had nailed footholds to the other side making it easy! Getting down, however, was a little scary, especially that first bit getting my leg back over backwards - and the last bit where I misjudged the drop.

Best excuse so far

Me: I'm organising a fitness class for women on Monday mornings; you might like to come.
Woman: Well, I'll have to wait and see what Jesus wants me to do on Monday morning.

She could just have said no. Giggling to myself in the car afterwards I said, 'Go on, Jesus, I dare you!'

Friday, May 12, 2017

You know that good idea?

You know sometimes you have a good idea? Something you could/should do? And then halfway through it you think, 'Oh why?'

My desk drawer before I started.
There are only so many staples/tape measures/pencil sharpeners one person can use in their lifetime.
The end result. Which may not look like a huge improvement but it is. And I managed to find room for a few essentials that may just come in useful some time.
Like a whistle and compass. Well, you never know.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017


So I'm on my walk this morning when I realise I only have one tissue with me. (This is slightly after I remember I forgot to put on my fitbit. One of those days.) It's not that I have a cold but walking makes my nose run. And the wind makes my nose run. So walking in the wind makes my nose run run.

All I can say is that it was a good job I was wearing a long-sleeved jumper. 

I had a paddle but wasn't tempted to skinny dip, you'll be pleased to hear. A bit of a breeze. Or a howling gale depending on how appropriately dressed you happened to be.

Scary being a kitten

Awake at 6.00 am, head buzzing. After failing to get back to sleep I decided to do as Younger Son suggested and make use of this time: I got up!

So by 6.30 this morning - it took me a little while to persuade myself that this really was a good idea - I was sitting at my computer working on my article.

The ideas I'd been having I tried out and mostly they worked so I have a finished article I will send off later on today after I've given it more resting time and checked it again.

* * * * * * * * * 
'Oh!' I gasped. 'There was a big black dog and it ate a tiny kitten. In one gulp. Like the old woman it just opened its throat and in went a kitten. I tried to pull it back out but it was too far gone.'
Husband looked at me. 'This was in your dream, right?'
'Good. But did you hear about the kitten who fell from the sky?'
'And this was in your dream?' I suggested.
'No, on the news.'
I was just imagining the messiah returning to earth in the form of a kitten when Husband explained. 'A seagull had taken it and then dropped it.'

It must be scary being a kitten.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Would Jesus have played rugby?

I don't have time to blog much today because I've been too busy writing. And thinking about writing. And re-writing. 

The deadline for the next The Bay article is 15th of this month. As the next issue will be out just before the general election I thought I'd do something related but when I'd finished, although I liked it, I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for my piece. I emailed it to the editor for her consideration and she agreed: it wasn't right.

So it's been back to the drawing board today and a hurried re-think. Publication day will be around Whitsun so I considered - and rejected as boring -  the history and customs of pentecost/Whitsun. Then I asked Husband and Younger Son for ideas.
Husband: The Lions rugby tour.
YS: Would Jesus have played rugby or football? Discuss.

I didn't ask them for any more ideas.

I browsed through some of my old writing to see if there was anything I could rehash or ideas I could adapt. I have to say I was quite impressed: some of the writing I've done - at least I assume I've done it because I don't remember doing it - is quite good. But not right. 

But I've finally written something that I'm moderately happy with. It has its roots in some old writing but has taken a new turn. I'm not absolutely sure the turn isn't into a dead end so I'll leave it for now and go back with fresh eyes tomorrow. Let's just hope I don't hate it.