Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Italy holiday post 6

Husband frequently points out, quite rightly, that I am an optimist, and it was as an optimist that I said, 'It's a town on the lake: the ferry is bound to go from there.'

And I was right. The ferry did go from there - but not to the island I wanted to visit. That involved driving to the opposite side of the lake. And guess what? Ms Clever Clogs Sat Nav said it wasn't possible.
'Nonsense,' says I. 'There are roads on the map.'
'Okay,' says Husband, 'you can navigate.'

And guess what again?

I did it perfectly!

We caught the ferry from San Feliciano to Isola Polvese, the largest of three islands in Lake Trasimane.

There was nothing there - well there was but we couldn't find it - but we had a lovely peaceful walk around the island. (Actually that was unintentional; I only meant us to walk halfway since I am a considerate wife with a recent-heart-attack husband, but we missed the turning. I blame the map.)


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I'm jealous………
(you must be able to drive round a lake, otherwise it wouldn't be a lake, surely. What's that other thing… an estuary……?)