Sunday, July 08, 2018

Twenty minutes is not nearly there

"Nous sommes pres?"
Which roughly translated means, are we nearly there yet?

We'd been walking steadily uphill for over an hour and I wasn't sure how much more Husband could take. (Not me obvs. I am the very model of fitness.) You know when you're walking up a hill it goes up and then it levels out for a bit before going up again? Not this hill. Did I say hill? I mean mountain.
In spite of my impeccable French the man, on his way down, replied in English. "Yes."
Phew, I thought. Then he said, "Another twenty minutes and you'll be there."
Twenty minutes?! That's not nearly there!

But we got to our destination, which was Lac Lauvitel, the biggest high altitude lake in this region. It is frozen for five months of the year and is fed by water from snow higher up. And we swam in it!

I'll try and get photos from the camera in a minute. It was very beautiful and the best thing about it was knowing that the way back would be ALL downhill.

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