Friday, July 13, 2018

Five things that have changed

1. L'eau. Back then we were warned not to drink French water; now in most restaurants when we asked for water we were given a carafe of tap water. Sometimes we were offered a choice but mostly it was just brought. And it didn't do us any harm.

2. I knew I should have written things down when I thought of them.

3. Ah yes, caravans. In our day the sites were mostly full of tents; now every camp site has caravans. Some have camping emplacements but some have changed over completely.

4. Then the national French holiday was in August - I think it was like factory fortnight in the UK; now I suppose as industries change that's less common and there were many French people on holiday.

5. Toilets. When choosing a camp site my first question used to be, "do they have proper toilets?" I would refuse to stay on a site if they had holes in the ground. Nowadays everyone has proper toilets.

6. As I have said before, the French Riviera has become much more touristy and crowded. It's still beautiful but you have to share it with lots more people.


PipeTobacco said...


I am liking your writings about France. But, I have to admit the most meaningful (for me) statement you made is:

"I knew I should have written things down when I thought of them."

I have had (presumably great) thoughts on things over the years, and I always tell myself I will remember them.... and then I forget. I also tell myself that I need to write these ideas down when I think of them.... but I never do. [sigh]


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

The 'not drinking foreign water thing' is quite true, only for me it's whenever I come to England. It always tastes different and takes a day or two to get used to.
But I refuse to drink out of a little plastic bottle … can't be good for you.