Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The Great Bee Adventure: Part 2

Husband was out and I was curled up in front of the television when I heard a noise outside the back door. Bravely I went and opened the door to see what it was. (George wisely stayed in his comfy spot behind the sofa.) Turned out to be a ghost-buster.
Husband and Younger Son had been to collect the bees to put in the hive on top of the kitchen roof. They'd had to wait until evening when the bees would be sleepy. The photo shows Younger Son getting ready to release the bees into the hive. Apparently they were fed up of the car journey and getting grumpy. The bees that is not Husband and Younger Son.

I was a bit puzzled as to how they had managed to transport a load of bees in the car but Husband has filled me in. They didn't just bring the bees: they brought a hive containing bees. A hive that that had been sealed up for the journey. 

So we now have two hives in the garden. Apparently it's nearly time for a new queen to be born and when she is and when she's ready she will take half the bees and go off and find a new home. YS has to be able to spot when she's getting ready and take her and her entourage to the second hive rather than let them go off in a swarm, never to be seen again, I presume. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I have that wrong.

Bees are so awfully clever. I am learning a lot about them.

The only problem is that I have exchanged worrying about a poorly goldfish to worrying about a whole hive of bees. 

Younger Son messaged me and asked me to go and check that they were flying in and out. I watched for a while and only two flew out. However there are several just clinging to the wall looking shell-shocked. Husband says they'll perk up when it warms up and that they probably need this cooler period to re-adjust slowly to their new environment.

I am wondering if I should offer them some sugar solution. Will ask YS.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

At least it's not quite like having the builders in ... you don't need to provide a mmug of tea and biscuits for them all!

Liz Hinds said...

True. I'm not sure what the roofing men thought of us when they came - no biscuits!!