Monday, May 14, 2018

Making the most of sunshine and children

This morning I planned to do some preparation work for the bible study I'm leading tomorrow in Zac's. Then Nuora messaged me.

I told Husband, 'Change of plans: I'm not studying this morning; I'm going to the park with GrandSon4 instead. I am so bad.'
'No, you're not,' he said. 'You should take these opportunities while you can to enjoy the sunshine and play with grandchildren.'

I do love Husband.

Still when I got out of the shower and was rushing to get ready I remembered I'd planned to take off the sofa covers and wash them. I didn't have time to do it then and my first thought was about to be, 'You lazy stupid woman!' But I stopped myself. I recalled my decision to accept my inadequacies and not to put myself down at every chance. 'The weather forecast is good,' I told myself. 'I can do the covers tomorrow.'

P.S. I finished my study preparation this evening finally. Just have to practise it tomorrow.

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