Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I'd do-be-do

A lovely Bank Holiday weekend with weather much better than was anticipated/forecast. Lots of time with family, eating or in the sun and in the pool. 

We live not too far from the site of the music festival so we were able to enjoy some of the music in our garden. Some of it was louder than the rest or maybe they just angled the speakers differently during the day to reduce the chance of annoying locals too much.

Nothing quite like bopping in the pool to George Ezra (live). I was even able to impress the grandchildren by singing along to his songs. Maybe impressed is too big a word. Let's just say they gave me strange looks.

Of course all this enjoying myself means the pounds are creeping back on. It's very strange: if I lose two pounds I am offhand about it - 'It's only two pounds,' I say - but if I put on two pounds I am a huge flabby monstrosity.

Next weekend we have our family party but then I will have three weeks until we go away on holiday. I want to be back at my target weight by then.

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