Friday, April 27, 2018

How to lose a sheet

I am wondering around the house muttering to myself: 'You can't just lose a super-king-size sheet. It must be somewhere.'

But apparently it's not. I have searched everywhere. (I only have two sheets that I swap over.)

'I can't have thrown it away!' And then I remember: I did throw it away.

I wriggle so much in bed that I made a hole in the foot area so when I last changed the bed, before our holiday, I threw the sheet away. Rats!

Then I hear my long-dead grandmother's voice. 'You should have darned it.'
'Yeah right. This from the woman who never picked up a sewing needle.'
'Don't you speak to me like that, my girl!'
'Sorry, Nan.'

And I am a shy child again.

But I still have the problem of no sheet. A visit to the shop is called for I think. Actually a visit to two shops: I also need toilet disinfectants as I discovered when I was cleaning the toilets.

Not having a good day today: I just made cold tea and I think the goldfish has finally stopped breathing. Maybe a visit to the shops will clear my head.

On the plus side, doesn't the new headboard look fine? 
It only took me just over six years to buy one.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

NOBODY darns things now, let alone a sheet. But I do remember the dreaded sides-to-middled sheet. So uncomfortable.
Bed head is very nice indeed. Worth the wait.

nick said...

Do you not have a spare bedroom with a sheet you can borrow?

Liz Hinds said...

Sides-to-middle - that was the term I was trying to think of, Sonata.

Not with a super-king-size sheet, Nick. Plenty of doubles.