Friday, March 09, 2018

Thankfulness catch up

I've missed a number of days posting but I'll just add the most recent ones.

On Tuesday I was grateful for the Zac's family. We enjoyed celebrating communion with a bowl of cawl (Welsh lamb stew) together.
Yesterday I was especially thankful as it looks as if the heating in Zac's might - might! - be fixed at last.

And today I'm grateful for George. We had to take him to the vet this morning for a follow-up. The anti-inflammatories haven't made much difference so the vet has prescribed painkillers too to see if they help what is almost certainly osteo-arthritis. I found myself getting quite upset when we came out to think that all this time we've been calling him lazy when actually he might have been in pain. Also because the grandchildren take up so much of my attention I fear he feels he isn't loved enough. But we do love you, George!


Sharon said...

Much love to George. I hope the pain meds help him.

nick said...

I hope you can make George more comfortable. Osteo-arthritis can't be any fun.