Saturday, March 31, 2018

Good Friday restoration

I am so grateful to Linden Church for the strong foundations they laid in me. And for all they continue to be and do.

When I stopped attending Linden regularly a few years ago I said it was because I wanted to concentrate on Zac's. That was true but not the entire reason. Most Sundays I was finding myself looking for an excuse not to go to church. Also there was someone, an important player in the church, with whom I struggled. I was not in a healthy place.

Yesterday, on Good Friday, I went along to Linden for the communion service. It was a good quiet time and I felt myself for the first time restored, emotionally and physically. I don't think I'd realised how hurt I'd been by the experience in the months before I made the decision to stop going.

I've been back on other occasions and been welcomed but this time just felt different. In my head I never stopped being part of Linden - it was never a case of 'I'm going to a different church on Sundays' - but now I really believe it.

It doesn't mean I'll be going there every week: I still go into prison regularly on Sunday mornings and we're often away or have family visiting. But it won't be such a big thing for me in future when I do drop in.

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