Sunday, February 25, 2018

Picnicking in February

You know that moment when your mouth says, 'Yes,' while your head is shouting, 'No! No!'? 

If that doesn't sound familiar you won't understand the rest of this post. However if you recognise the situation you'll understand how I came to be on the beach this morning having a picnic in February when the temperature was only 3 degrees.

'Can we have a picnic on Sunday, Granny?'
'Yes, if you want.'
Husband coughs. 'You might want to check the weather forecast first. It's getting colder.'
'Oh, okay. What about if we have a picnic but we have it indoors? Yay! That sounds good, doesn't it?'
Two disappointed little faces look at me. 'No, a proper picnic. Outside with a rug and french bread and hummus and crisps and drinks and ...'
'You wouldn't prefer to go to a cafe?'
'No, we want a picnic!'

I decided we'd go to the pier beach because it's always sheltered there. Except this morning.

It wasn't that cold really; it was more the wind blowing away our crisps that caused the problem. But it took a mug of hot chocolate to warm everyone up.

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

They'll remember picnics like this for ever.