Tuesday, February 13, 2018

No hostage harmed

I held myself hostage this afternoon. I said, 'You're not leaving this shop until you've bought curtains.'

The men came to fit our new bedroom carpet today so there is a new urgency to my search. I've looked before. Several times. And on the internet. But our windows are very wide, bow windows, and, most places don't stock ready-made curtains in the size we need.

After my last futile attempt to find some, when each time I saw a curtain that was at least not too bad, it was only to discover that it was eyelet only (we want pencil pleat) or not available in the size or colour, I approached the store with reluctance today. 'If necessary I'll buy two pairs,' I told myself.

It wan't until after I'd spent a lot of time wandering around talking to myself, that I noticed the made to measure section. I'd checked out some mtm curtain prices on the internet and they were coming to about £500. While it is our bedroom and they will have to last several years, well, it's a lot of money. But the fabric on display in the shop seemed a bit cheaper so I browsed. And I um-ed and ah-ed. And grumbled about how much I hated choosing curtains. While gradually losing the will to live.

The assistant said, 'Can I help you?'
'Only if you can make up my mind for me.'

In the end, bearing in mind that I had to get home and put the chicken in the oven, I made a decision and ordered some. Then she told me it would take six weeks. I blanked that bit and said, 'Fine.'

I can breathe again.

And I've submitted my latest article for The Bay magazine. That was making me stressed too. I'd started well but then I kept writing myself into a knot. By the time I'd finished I wasn't sure if it even made sense but I sent it to the editor and she was happy with it so one way or another I'm breathing easy tonight. Or I would be if I hadn't left putting my potatoes on until so late dinner's going to have to wait until they're cooked.

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