Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Make that three pairs

That woman I mentioned yesterday? She was wearing another pair of high heels tonight. And pair of platform heels this morning. I shall continue to keep count. I am fascinated.

Meanwhile my navigation skills have been criticised. I am, despite what you might think, a very good navigator. As long as the map is facing the same direction as we are travelling, I am not distracted by pretty scenery and Husband doesn't suddenly ask me which direction to take. (That panicks me and I say, 'Yes,' to whatever he says next. Which is why, incidentally, we took two wrong turns today. His fault really.)

I do sometimes wonder if I have become invisible. Have I reached that stage of life? I was talking to Husband about it and he said that he quite often turns around and I have disappeared. He suggested I should use it to my advantage.
'You mean next time a man tries to walk through me I should practise my ninja skills on him? A quick yeehaaa kapow bang? (Here you have to visualise me demonstrating said skills.)'
''Something like that,' he said.


Jimmy said...

I can almost picture the Ninja Skills, any man should respect that, I know that I would.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I am a very good navigator but felt invisible when the sat nav was purchased, but at least if he went wrong it wasn't my fault :-) :-) .. He would then ask for my help , which I stubbornly refused to give ...but if I did help and he questioned , I would say "You either want my help or you don't, Sat nav or me.

It isn't just you Liz , it happens to us all. x

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Perhaps she's brought a couple of shoemaking elves in her suitcase.

nick said...

I'm good at reading maps but abysmal at parallel parking. I just don't have that spatial awareness men are supposed to have lots of.