Saturday, February 17, 2018

Did the earth move for you?

'I thought our new loft conversion was collapsing.'
'I thought a car had crashed into the front of the office.'

Two of the comments from FaceBook friends following the afternoon earthquake - of 4.4 magnitude about 10 miles north of Swansea. 

I was in the car at the time and didn't feel a thing. 
However when we got to the library a message on the tannoy about 'the incident that just happened' and 'everything under control now' alerted us to the strange goings-on that we had just missed.

Incidentally this non-post is for Stu who requested that I blog about our near death experience.


Ole Phat Stu said...

Thankyou Liz. It appears to have a very mild quake.
I have experienced three in my lifetime.
One at lake Constance, which shook me out of bed.
One in the Eifel mountains, which was also mild (5.3)
And one in San Francisco where we all fled the hotel, but
there was only mild building damage. My rental car's theft alarm went off though :-)

Liz Hinds said...

I remember one very small tremor once upon a time - I can't quite remember when or where - but I am disappointed to have missed this one. Two of my children in different parts of Swansea experienced it.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Liz , I still don't understand how you didn't feel anything at all. People who live in Grove, Wantage Oxfordshire spoke about it on FB .. and they live miles away.

I do remember quite a few years ago , living in Daventry, near Northampton and there was an mild quake in Birmingham . I was asleep , and all of a sudden the bed moved , I thought it was the cat jumping on the bed .. NOPE , he wasn't . Next morning , saw my neighbour , who said "Did you feel anything last night , my bed moved" then I read about the mild quake. It was pretty spooky in the middle of the night.