Sunday, February 04, 2018

A frenzy of posts

Or one big one? Several I think as I find them easier to read than a big block. So where to begin? (Consult scrawled list of topics.)

I'll begin with the good news: my consultant surgeon has had the results of tests done following my operation and he's confirmed that I did indeed cut off my own appendix. 

It seems there was a cyst in my appendix which then got twisted and amputated itself. And all without anaesthetic or the help of an Operating for Dummies manual. No wonder I was in pain the November before last. And no wonder no-one could work out what was wrong with me at the time.

And no sign of anything nasty so all jolly good news.

And in case, like me, you're not entirely sure what your appendix looks like or where it is here's a helpful guide. And the least vomit-inducing.

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