Monday, January 15, 2018

Winston, Clementine, Franny and Zooey

the letters of Winston and Clementine
A few times recently I've been in the car and caught snatches on the radio of the letters of Winston Churchill and his beloved wife, Clementine. They are so romantic! 

At one stage they have just got engaged and are in the same house (Blenheim Palace) but write letters to each other during the day - and have servants do the running in between of course. 

If you can find it on the BBC website and you have the opportunity it would be well worth listening to, just to get a different perspective on the man that I only vaguely remember, and that's mostly because of his funeral.

I think I might see if they have it in the library. I also want to check if the library has something called Franny and Something (I think) by JD Salinger. 

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