Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Quick updates

Fish is still looking poorly but at least is managing to stay the right way up.

The tree fellers have not yet returned to shred our cut-down tree. And are not answering phone calls.

Apart from that, my back started aching at 10.15 this morning. I can't think of any reason why. And I have completed the first draft of my talk for prison on Sunday morning. Now all I have to do is prepare the bible study for Rubies, Zac's women's group, on Thursday.

And make a cup of tea for hard-painting-Husband.

I am on fire! I have finished the study - more or less - too. And I've taken GrandSon4 out for a walk and made him cry. 

1 comment:

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hard lesson to learn for anyone but definitely a man ..do not pay up front ..sorry Mike. What did you do to G
/son 4?