Tuesday, January 09, 2018

It's just dilemma on dilemma

We've started decorating the spare bedroom. (Royal 'we' in that I choose the colours and Husband does the work.)

It's quite a dark room with a window at the side of the house and last time I decided to go with that and used a rust sort of colour on two of the walls and yellow on the other two. This time I'm opting for light and space - as it says on the tin.

'You realise this is almost twice as expensive as other emulsions,' Husband said when we went shopping.
'Yes, but it's got twice as many little bright things in it to make the room seem light.'
'You've bought the hype you mean?'
'No, it must be true or they couldn't say it.'

I chose Morning Light and Nordic Spa and planned on doing one wall in the greeny colour and three in the yellowy. Except ...
Husband came downstairs after applying one coat of Morning Light. 'That is very expensive white emulsion you chose,' he said. 
'It's not white,' I said. Then I went upstairs to check it out. 'Oh. It is quite white, isn't it?'
Dulux Light and Space paint
Later I raised the subject again. 'It needs another coat so perhaps we should buy a darker colour?'
'Which means,' Husband pointed out, 'that we bought incredibly expensive undercoat.'

But look: it doesn't look white here, does it?


Sharon Qualls said...

Hmm, it definitely looks light. Maybe once you get your furnishings in the room will bring out the colors. I think I like it - my womb is almost beyond pale and it seems to change tints with changing light. Good luck!

Liz Hinds said...

Thank you, Sharon, I will need it. Not sure what colour my womb is though!

Sharon Qualls said...

LOL! I call my bedroom/computer room/craft room my womb - HaHa!

Jay said...

Those off-whites look different according to the time of day! I like them for the darker rooms, though, especially if they're small. I can't bear to feel that a room is poky and badly lit. I wouldn't even care if it was white!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That paint's pink and looks warm , maybe that's why you liked it for the room ?

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I like very light walls ..white with a hint of something .. then I put colours into room .. blinds , bed furnishings .. pictures lights .. etc .. hope you got it sorted.

Liz Hinds said...

Ah, I see, Sharon! Makes sense now!

No, I've settled for it, Jay. Curtains and pictures will soften it if needs be.

Indeed, Sonata. But even in the shop the colour on the tin, on the sample card and on the bit of painted wall all looked different.

Yes, Anne, that's what i plan to do now.