Monday, January 01, 2018

I dreamed of Turkey

Last night I dreamed Husband and I were on a cruise to Turkey with Jeremy Clarkson (loud-mouthed television car programme presenter) and his wife. And about a million other people. And the stairs only went up. If you wanted to come down you had to climb over the banisters.

I am definitely never going cruising.

That was after we'd been woken at about 12.30 by fireworks that appeared to be going off in our backyard. They were so loud! And why 12.30 not midnight?

I made up for it with a long lie-in. And, after a refreshing walk on Caswell with Younger Son, Nuora and GrandSon4, three more episodes of Feud, the story of the bitter rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, and the making of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? I was thinking about watching the BBC's adaptation of Little Women but it was my favouritest book ever when I was young and I am so afraid that the dramatisation won't live up to the book.One of these days, maybe, we will celebrate New Year's Eve again. 

Brangwyn Hall
Brangwyn Hall - a less likely setting for a NYE party
it would be hard to imagine
The last few years we've been in bed by 10. Before that we enjoyed a few parties. And one year I remember, many moons ago, possibly in my university years, I went to an event in the Brangwyn Hall (well-known disco capital of Swansea) for Emperor Rosko (I think), a famous (at-the-time) disc jockey. At midnight he said, ' Happy new year,' and that was it. Very disappointing.

Not that I've ever been a big fan of Hogmanay. I'd be put to bed, usually with a variety of cousins, and then we'd be brought down later for that kissing everyone malarkey, which always meant a tour of the room kissing drunk uncles. I loved the auld lang syne singing and arms crossing bit though even though it always seemed a bit sad even then. 

But all that came to to an end when my great-gran died and the family never really had the same parties after that. They were parties that I hated at the time but looked back on with longing to recreate. You can never go back though.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

No Guy Fawkes here , it's all kept for New Year. They're supposed to be let off at midnight .
Last night they started early evening and went off non-stop till three in the morning.
There hasn't been a sound all day .

Jimmy said...

The fireworks started here at midnight and went on continuously for about half an hour, either they stopped then or I fell back asleep, needless to say we were out like a light before the New Year came around.

From your dream I'd be a little leery of a cruise also.

Liz Hinds said...

That is a lot of bangs, Sonata. Did you manage any sleep?

Are we getting old, Jimmy?!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

We ( you know who) used to go out on new years eve ..for quite a few years then we stopped , we then had party in our home ..then the next few years we watched Jules Holland .. which I loved , even youngest son loves it now so do his children 11 and 12 .. and then you know the rest .,but this year .. I went out ..YAY ..went to a Lebanese cocktail bar/ restaurant .. with my work colleague .. we went out at 21.30 and got in at 02.30 ..I had to be up for work at 07.30 .. at the guest house .. luckily I stay here and so did my colleague that night and she e helped me with breakfast .. oh boy did we have such a hoot .. Loved it.