Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How many people can you send to sleep?

My leading of bible study went alright last night: only one person went to sleep. Or possibly two.

Labour party
However I discovered that one of the long-time regulars thinks I'm a Conservative. I have told him to wash his mouth out.

I also discovered that banana cake is quite nice. Last time I ate anything vaguely banana-flavoured I was struck down straight afterwards by vertigo meaning I was very sick. And all I could taste was banana. So although I love bananas to eat as they are I hate anything - even ice cream - that is banana-flavoured. 

So yesterday, as it was the day before weigh-in - and I'm really hoping to have reached my target this week - and as we had two very ripe bananas in the kitchen I decided to make banana cake as I knew I wouldn't eat it. But then of course I had to taste it. And found it wasn't a very strong flavour and quite nice.

And that is what I shall blame if I haven't reached target.

P.S. We had a newcomer to bible study last night and afterwards I asked him if he'd enjoyed it.
He shrugged. 'It was all right.'
'Will you come again next week?'
'Don't know. Probably not.'

Yes, I led it really well.

P.P.S. Worried about the impression I give if I'm thought of as a Conservative.


Graham Hunt said...

Your reaction is similar to mine would be.... like when my son claims to be middle class. Where did I go wrong?

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I thought we were all middle class? Still , I suppose it's what you'd call middle class.
The Two Ronnies come to mind .