Tuesday, January 09, 2018

How many kiwi spoons does a woman need?

The de-cluttering continues apace. I've started on my kitchen drawers. I've managed to throw away a lot of 'stuff' but some questions have to be asked. Such as how many kiwi spoons can a woman use in her lifetime? 
kiwi and grapefruit spoons

They were - probably still are - giving away a spoon with each pack of four golden kiwi. In answer to the question I initially decided one but then thought, 'what if I serve kiwi to guests at dinner? I'll keep four. But a) I have never yet served kiwis to guests; and b) would I give guests a plastic spoon? No. So I've thrown away six and I'm keeping one.

The thought only now occurs to me that I might serve plastic spoons if we were barbecuing and eating outside. No, no, no, I cannot keep things on the off chance that I will have guests, kiwis and a barbecue all on the same day.

Another question to be asked: how likely am I to use grapefruit spoons given I can't recall using them since I've been married? Okay they can go to the charity shop in the hope there will be a Hyacinth Bucket somewhere out there who wishes to impress. (Mrs Bucket is a character from a sitcom Keeping Up Appearances.)

Then there is this assortment. 
Not likely to be used but pretty so I shall keep them. Don't tut at me. I am doing my best to be ruthless.


Sharon Qualls said...

Have never seen kiwi spoons offered with the fruit. Don't think I would serve kiwi like that.
Look on pinterest for repurposing the pretty stuff. I like the butter knives as tiebacks. (Shove blade under framework and tuck curtains ...)

PipeTobacco said...

Haha! I have the exact same thoughts that percolate through my mind as I attempt to declutter! It gets so tiring, the debate I have in my mind that I give up and keep more than I should "just in case".

In your comment to me you mentioned the similarity between the noise and battles of Star Wars & Lord of the Rings! I had said exactly the same thing to my wife!!!! Those aspects of both films bore me to tears!!!! I am glad I am not alone in those thoughts!

Jay said...

Haha! I haven't started my Swedish Death Cleaning yet because I'm so very congested and also allergic to dust (good excuse, no?) but will be doing the same as you soon. I had some of those kiwi spoons too, but I disposed of mine a long time ago. I just don't eat kiwi fruit that often! I do like your 'pretty' cutlery though, and like you would probably keep those things.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Years ago, a little boy was sent to the playgroup every session with both kiwi and spoon, Bless him . Used to nearly drive me mad . He'd drop every piece on the floor and cry.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Keep going Liz ..you are doing we
L at decluttering the drawers. I have never seen spoons with Kiwis either., Happy new year to you.

I don't know why but I don't see your fb posts ..so I came and looked .

Liz Hinds said...

People are ingenious, Sharon. I'll have a look on pinterest.

No, you're not alone, Pipetobacco, in many things.

Allergic to dust, Jay. I wonder if I could develop that ...

That must have been enough to drive you mad, sonata.

That's odd, Anne, that you don't see my posts. The way these things work is very strange sometimes.

nick said...

I try to avoid plastic spoons, given the colossal amount of plastic waste that's now piling up in our oceans. Also, I find them very flimsy and liable to break if you put any sort of pressure on them. Give me a proper metal spoon any day. And who needs kiwi spoons anyway?