Monday, January 22, 2018

Hazelnut and honeycomb since you ask

Have spent a large part of yesterday and today preparing for leading bible study in Zac's tomorrow night. I'm hoping to cover three short bits (Luke 20:41 - 21:4) that sort of fit together. It will all depend on how much people talk and discuss stuff.

The first section was fascinating actually but confused me so I'm afraid I might confuse my listeners. I know what I want and I'm trying to say but I'm not sure if that will be clear when I say it out loud. (While slightly nervous and talking too fast and generally getting flustered.)

Ah well, they'll like the other bits as they make a dig at religious leaders and the rich. But I really need to help people move on from past experiences not dig them up again. (Note to self: be ready to cut anyone off - politely - who looks set in for a long 'this happened to me' thing.)

We did get out this morning though. Husband and I took George and GrandSon4 for a walk. GrandSon4, Peter Rabbit and I looked for bunnies while George got dirty.

On the way back the tide had gone out leaving this boat beached.
Then we met Nuora at Verdi's where I felt obliged to have ice cream having walked past earlier and tutted that all the old people in there were drinking coffee and eating cake instead of ice cream. I don't want to be that sort of old person. Even if I am on a diet. (Not that I have anything against tea and cake per se but when at Verdi's it has to be ice cream.)

Hazelnut and honeycomb, since you ask. With two dollops of cream but no chocolate flake. I am on a diet you know.


Sharon Qualls said...

Oh, George!
Hazelnut and Honeycomb sounds about right ...

Liz Hinds said...

It was, Sharon. Filled the gap nicely.