Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I passed!

With flying colours! Even though they asked me lots of questions.

My ECG showed my heart was fine, my blood pressure was perfect and all my answers were excellent. And a chat with the anaesthetist reassured me, after Husband had scared me by suggesting that if they did keyhole surgery I wouldn't be unconscious. 'I shall have to warn them,' I'd told him, 'that I may be conscious at the start of the operation but very soon I won't be.' After all, I've fainted in blood tests, the optician's and even hospital visiting. And I've been banned from giving blood. I applied to join the International Fainting Goat Association but they turned me down on the grounds that I'm not a goat.

Fainting Goat Association

Now I just have to wait for a date, which could be in two weeks or two months. I thought about asking if I could wait until after Christmas as a) I've joined Slimming World and paid up front; and b) I have an exercise class until Christmas. But I guess it's better to get it over and done with. And it may not happen for months anyway.


Sharon Qualls said...

Happy to hear you are good to go! Now you get to play the waiting game. :(

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You'll be given a slug of something that'll leave you pie-eyed and perfectly amenable to alterations of the minor kind .
Though I seem to remember the nurse who was holding my hand during my cataract operations looking rather uncomfortable as my fist clenched .

Luna Crone said...


But why such an unknown surgery date?

If we (in the US) need surgery, we get an appointment, and have it done. No waiting around, for some unknown date.

Ahhhh... I know why the delay! You have Social Medicine. Government-dominated healthcare systems. "In order to realize some savings, the NHS is raising the threshold at which patients qualify for treatment and lengthening wait times for surgeries determined "non-lifesaving." Source

Another one of those things, which *sound* good. But aren't so *good*, in real practice.

Luna Crone

Luna Crone said...
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Luna Crone said...

OK! Finally... Got an article and link!!!

"Growing Wait Times Threat To NHS"

And this article is more current.

Luna Crone

Liz Hinds said...

I'm happy to wait, Sharon.

Hand clenching is the least of it, sonata!

Yes, Luna, our NHS is in something of a financial crisis. But it provides a wonderful service in emergencies. there is plenty to complain about but really the staff do wonderful work. Our Tory government would like to see it privatised though so aren't rushing in to help.

PipeTobacco said...

In my opinion, the NHS seems a whole lot better and more equitable than the shambles we have in the US that is health care. To have one's health and medication choices determined by a corporation who is for profit and was picked by your employer to be cost "effective" is not IMO the way to treat a nation's citizens. I fortunately have above "average" insurance, but it is not fair that we all do not have equal rights to health care in the US IMO.