Wednesday, October 18, 2017

God, the prat and the banana cakes

(I am cheating today and putting the same post up on this blog and my slimming blog. Or rather my 'attempt to slim' blog.)

banana cakes
I made banana cakes for Zac's last night. Banana cakes have two things going for them:
a) they use up over-ripe bananas;
b) I hate them so won't be tempted to eat them.

I haven't made anything with bananas for thirty-two years. That's a very precise time I hear you saying. Well, yes, because I have good - or perhaps bad - reason to remember it clearly.

Younger Son was a tiny baby and I had made some banana flapjacks. I ate one even though I wasn't keen on anything flavoured with banana - even though I adore bananas in themselves, as long as they're only just ripe. It was ... alright but I didn't eat any more of them.

Then, that very same day, I was struck down by a bout of vertigo; for a week I was in bed with a spinning head. But before the spinning started I was sick and all I could taste as I vomited was banana cake. Oh yucky.

Hence my refusal to eat cooked bananas again.

It seems other people don't have my horror though as they went down very well and, indeed, people said they were yummy.

Zac's bible study went well too. I had prepared very thoroughly, people joined in the discussions and all in all it was a peaceful gathering. We've had a number of these now where our more, um, disruptive guests have been absent. I can't help feeling we must be due for an eruption.

I was praying about the study on my way to Zac's. I was chatting away nicely to God when suddenly I said, 'Oh, you prat!' I had to quickly explain to God that it wasn't him I was addressing in that rude manner but the driver of the big car coming towards me taking up three-quarters of the narrow road. He didn't seem to mind. (God not the driver who was oblivious.)


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I can never understand the feeling that overipe bananas must be eaten up to avoid waste . Fortunately we're not usually urged to eat up soggy , bruised apples or mouldy tomatoes .
Though I refuse to believe that you've ever baked anything that wasn't absolutely delicious .

Rose said...

I do love banana bread and banana cake, though we'd have to have every week if I made use of every mushy banana I seem to wind up with. But I understand--for years I couldn't eat ham salad for the same reason.

Sharon Qualls said...

I like banana bread, cake, etc. I can see where the over-ripened fruit could put you off after the vertigo. I don't eat strawberries for a similar reason, I ate too much and got sick, really sick.

Jimmy said...

The banana cakes sound wonderful to me, I completely understand why you would want to steer completely clear of them though, kind of like the driver taking up 3/4 of the road.