Saturday, September 16, 2017

Please look back at old posts!

Just to mention I've added photos to all my holiday posts. Now I'm home and have access to technology and a proper keyboard and stuff I've been able to do it. 

And, incidentally, all week we've walked around gusty cliffs - being very grateful that the wind was blowing onshore - and it hasn't rained on us. Then today we get home and walk in Clyne and it thunders and hails. 

We're home all right!


Sharon Qualls said...

Will do! Love the shots of George! Relax now and get over your vacation.

Valerie said...

Found you, Liz. I see you're with 'Circles'- which I can't fathom out. I guess that's why I can't see your photos. Anyway, here I am, as promised and have noted your email address for future reference. Nice to meet you.

Liz Hinds said...

Relax, Sharon? A strange concept!

Hi Valerie. That's odd. I don't know what circles is.