Monday, August 07, 2017

It's Little Women all over again

I am not happy.

Gilmore Girls
We've just finished watching Gilmore Girls - a year in the life, a ten-year-later sequel to the final series. I had my plans; I knew who should end up with whom. And it didn't work out. All we were left with was the circle beginning again and unrequited love.

As a young person I read Little Women as least ten times and each time I reached the same conclusion: Jo should have married Laurie. She didn't and I was left disappointed.

And now history is repeating itself. I am not happy.

And later on this evening I shall continue to watch I Know Who You Are, the Spanish drama currently showing on BBC. I have no idea who dun it or even if anything has been done but it is fascinating although possibly threatening to get a little too clever for its own good.

And Suits. That's our other Netflix fare. I've always enjoyed it although some of their actions and morals have been questionable in the past. This series though there is no doubt: they're willing to go to the dark side to achieve their aims. And I'm not entirely comfortable with it.

But back to Gilmore Girls. I've just read that there are plans for a second 'year in the life' series. I'd say, 'Don't bother. If it's going to go down the same disjointed, I really wanna be a musical route, then it's time to call a halt.'

Much as I long to see Rory finally settle with her soulmate, Jess.

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