Thursday, August 10, 2017

Invisible spies

We pretended to be spies and had to run from tree to tree so people wouldn't see us. Fortunately GrandDaughter1 found some magic leaves that made us invisible so we were able to run unseen across the open grass part of Brynmill Park.

I say run; in my case it was more of a trying-not-to-lose-my-sandals while hanging onto my boobs sort of jog.

That was after we - being GD1, GrandSon2 and me - had been to a painting workshop at Hobbycraft (GrandDaughter1's was better than mine) and to Tesco for lunch. Incidentally I only stole a few chips that Grandson2 didn't want. And GD1's pizza crusts. 

While feeding the ducks we saw an eagle on the lake. Well, GrandDaughter1 thought it was an eagle and it wasn't a duck or a seagull so I think she was probably right.

Then I came home and made a cake.
lily on cake
For Lily's mum, Mary, who was visiting us in Rubies.

1 comment:

Sharon Qualls said...

What fun - to play pretend with the grands!
A very pretty cake - you are quite good at that!