Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A peculiarly British habit?

I never used to worry about cows. That is until Daughter told me stories of people who'd been chased and even killed by cows. Even then though I didn't believe her really. Until the cows chased me.

Okay, it's possible they just happened to be running in my direction rather than rampaging at me but I wasn't taking any chances and hid behind a tree with GrandDaughter1 in her pushchair. Since then I've treated cows, especially with calves, with great respect and a lot of space.

So I wasn't pleased today to see the golf course covered in cows including this one who was obviously planning a surprise attack.
Cow peeping over hillock

But the one who was blocking the path completely was a different prospect.
'Come on, dogs,' I said. 'We can do this. We'll just edge towards her quietly.'
The cow looked up, glanced at us, saw our predicament and kindly moved into the bushes.
'Thank you so much, dear cow. That is most gracious of you.'

Pah! Scary cows? Nonsense.

By the time we'd reached the beach, hurried around the headland before the tide came in, and turned into Pobbles the rain had caught up with us.
That wasn't supposed to happen until I was home and dry not when I still had a long walk ahead of me. Without a coat.

Now is it a peculiarly British habit to leave one's belongings unattended on the beach?
I've done it since I was a child, left all my worldly goods including my purse and watch, and, more importantly, my towel in a pile on the beach. And I've never had anything taken. Does that mean robbers don't frequent beaches?


Sharon Qualls said...

Cows are so sweet. Clumsy, yes. I love them, as long as there is a fence between us.
I don't know about a British habit. I am always afraid of somebody filching my stuff if I leave it unattended.

nick said...

That's remarkable that you've never had anything stolen. Especially your purse and watch. Good to know honesty and decency aren't quite dead.

Thankfully I've never been chased by a cow. They must see me as cow-friendly.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Very unusual to have nothing taken . I wold never risk it. . A very peculiar habit (not for Liz) .. As for cows .. I am so scared of them ..And many people have bden trampled ..read about it a lot.